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Maree Floral Co. Event Contract

This contract is to be reviewed, signed, and returned prior to Maree Floral Co. reserving the event date, beginning floral design, ordering any product, or otherwise. If you have any questions about this contract or any of its clauses please reach out to Maree Floral Co. at the below contact information. By signing this contract you, the client , and us, Maree Floral Co, LLC, agree to the following:
  1. Artistic License – While Maree Floral agrees to use, to the best of their ability, flowers and colors that match client’s shoot/event theme and colors, Maree Floral reserves the artistic license to arrange flowers in ways they best see fit. Maree Floral will not replicate exactly any inspiration photos given by the client for floral work. Maree Floral will, to the best of their ability, create designs that embody the essence of any inspiration images given, but not the designs exactly.
  2. Altering Product – It is not acceptable for the client to alter work done by Maree Floral Co. If the client has any qualms or issues with any designs done by Maree Floral, notify the designer and they will do their best to remedy the situation.
  3. Payment – Two weeks before the date of the shoot/event the full amount of the order is due. Failure to pay the total by the due date will result in the florist not being able to order product in time for the event and the contract will be considered canceled. Maree Floral will contact the client before their final payment is due to remind them of the payment. Client agrees not to dispute payments made for floral services with their bank for claims of services not received. Maree Floral will refund client as per conditions set in section 6 of this document in cases of non service.
  4. Substitutions – Maree Floral will try, to the best of their ability, to secure client approved product. If requested product is out of stock, damaged, or otherwise unattainable Maree Floral will order product that best replaces unavailable product.
  5. Social Media – Maree Floral reserves the right to post any images of their work on any of their social media accounts (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram) at any time. Maree Floral requests that client tag Maree Floral in their pictures of Maree Floral work.
  6. Emergencies –
    1. In case of an emergency on behalf of designer – If an emergency occurs Maree Floral will notify client of unavailability and all payments will be waived/refunded.
    2. In case of an emergency on behalf of the client – If an emergency occurs and/or the event must be cancelled:
      1. If perishable product has not yet been ordered, the deposit will be moved to the rescheduled event date (within a single calendar year), providing that Maree Floral is available. If Maree Floral has prior commitments on the rescheduled date, Maree Floral reserves the right to decline servicing client on new rescheduled date.
      2. If product has been ordered the client will not be refunded the cost of perishable goods. The client will also be held responsible for paying for any newly purchased product for any rescheduled event.
      3. If the event is canceled on behalf of a client emergency and no effort is made to communicate with the designer and or reschedule the event any deposits made or payments completed for purchase of product or design work or otherwise will not be refunded.
  7. Liability Release – Maree Floral will not take any responsibility if any of the following should happen:
    1. Misuse or mistreatment of floral designs that cause harm or injury to another person.
    2. Product that is not properly cared for after delivery to an event that results in the product being ruined or otherwise unusable.
    3. Allergic reactions that can be caused by plants and other products used in floral design (unless the client informs us, Maree Floral, beforehand.
    4. Inability to complete design due to unforeseen changes to the event (location, date, time, weather, etc.).
    5. Accidents that occur from floral structures and installations.
  8. Client Responsibility – The client understands the following:
    1. Many flowers and other plant species used in floral design are poisonous and Maree Floral does not take any responsibility for incorrect use of these products. If the client has concerns about pets, small children, or otherwise consuming poisonous plants it is the clients responsibility to inform the designer before product is purchased. Client understands floral product should not be consumed in any way.
    2. Advise your floral designer of any relevant changes made to event plans either two weeks before the event or immediately when those changes are made.
  9. Trade of Services – Client understands that floral services are given at a heavily discounted rate in exchange for content produced by client featuring Maree Floral services. Client agrees to share images from event with Maree Floral that feature their work.

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